Freedom, sharing, gratitude, and love - these are just a few of the elements you’ll discover in the melodic messages from Mistar Anderson. Homegrown in Columbus, Ohio, the 7-piece ensemble harnesses the power of live instrument hip-hop to infiltrate the ears and minds of the masses.
     Founding members Eric Rollin (vocals) and Andre Walker (drums) first met through the Columbus music scene and began collaborating in 2013. Their mutual appreciation of jazz composition inspired their creative direction, and if you listen carefully, you might catch an occasional transcribed sample from Miles Davis, Grover Washington, or Herbie Hancock.
     Mistar Anderson began as a quartet consisting of vocals, drums, keyboard and bass, however they continued to experiment and expand their multidimensional sound with additions of guitar, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, and flute. Eventually, the jazz samples evolved into songs, then those songs came together to become the first self-titled album, Mistar Anderson (2014). The album is a live voyage reminiscent of golden-era 90’s Hip-Hop featuring ‘30s-40s big band samples, and eloquent grooves that meander through nostalgic sounds of jazz, soul & funk. 

     Mistar Anderson’s music, merchandise, and upcoming performances can be found online at Additional music and information can be found at the band’s extended online platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube.